Whether you are looking for a logo, invitation, brochure, or print, the process looks similar for each piece. Here is what you can expect.

Research: I want you to love your design and it all begins here. Once you let me know you're ready to get started, I will send you a questionnaire related to your project. Share your Pinterest board, picture of your favorite painting, and/or magazine clippings! Any additional information you can provide is more than welcome!   

Design: I will put together a few options based on the information you sent, and send them to you for review.  (Logos: 3 options, Invitations: 2 options, Brochures & Prints: 1 option.)  

Edit: This is the stage where we make sure you love it. We will alter colors, fonts, graphics, etc. to make sure you love the final project.  

File Delivery: Once we've finalized a design, I will send you all the files you need to print, post, tweet and more! 

So how much is this going to cost? I charge $30 per hour, and include estimated times for each type of project below. The time and cost depends on the number of edits and changes that you make.  



Logos are one of my favorite projects to work on! Your logo is an expression of who your company is or will be. I'd be honored to work with you to create the perfect logo.  

The Price: The average design time for a logo is 5 hours. That makes a logo around $150.  (Hint: GoDaddy charges around $200, and is a lot less personal!)

Check out some of my favorite customer logos in my portfolio.  Ready to get started?  Let's Chat!

A Teal Ampersand was actually the theme of my wedding invitation. I love weddings, showers, birthdays & events and I think the print material should match the couple or individual just as much as the actual party. My hope is that guests open up your invitation, and know exactly who the event is for without having to read it!  

The Price: A wedding invitation that includes a main card, details card, & RSVP card, takes around 3 hours to design. A Shower or Birthday Party (one-sided card), takes me approximately 1 hour to complete.  

Check out some of my favorite customer's invitations in my portfolio.  Ready to get started?  Let's Chat!

I have done everything from corporate brochures to nursery wall prints! In the last year, I have spent a large part of my graphic design time working on infographics and laying out training booklets for a consulting company. Whether you need a custom print to welcome a baby home, or a clean modern brochure to explain a product or concept, I'm your gal! 

The Price: Since every brochure and print project is different, it's hard to estimate a time. Once you tell me about your project, I can give you a better idea of how much time it will take. 

Check out some of my favorite customer's prints & brochures in my portfolio Ready to get started?  Let's Chat!